Hunny B. Adger

Elf Rogue, always looking for a score.


5’5". 115lbs. Violet eyes, long black hair. Skin is slightly pale and flawless. No scars or blemishes. No tattoos.


I was born under the name Anastrianna Autumn Amastica in an elvan forest on another continent. The settlment was then called Erias and it was deep in the Wilderness of Lady Lais. Lady Lais was a seer, a powerful sorcerer and my mother. She was mated with my father, Ivellios. I’m told she was kind and benevolant, a fair and just leader. Ivellios was an armorer as skilled with the blades and bows he created as the Lady was with her spells and portents. She had forseen a son that her gift would pass to, a son that Ivellios could teach the skills of his trade to. A son that would become the next leader of the settlement and lead the people to prosperity and advancement. She forsaw no complications with her birthing and she and my father travelled to the clearing where they first met to welcome their son in the place where they found each other. Very romantic and sentimental…and stupid. When labor began, everything seemed as it should be. Then night eclipsed day. The moon moved over the sun and blocked its rays from the land and everything went horribly wrong.
By the time the sun shone again, I was wailing my first cries and my mother drew her last breaths as she told my father my childhood name before she breathed no more. He was heartbroken and more than disappointed of course. Not only was I a daughter, but I had none of my mother’s sight or magic and she was gone. He returned to the settlement with me, giving me to another woman who had recently been with child and lost it to sickness, while he and some of the other men went to give my mother the sending into the next she deserved. I saw little of him during my time there, and was raised by a woman who was more family to me than the man who created me, a mixture of his responsibilies as the new leader and his hatred of the being that took his lady. Most of my days were spent learning how to wield blades, shoot bows, hunt, trap, track, sew, and survive. I excelled to say the least. A pointless dream that my skills would win the love of my father.
When I was seventy-five, still a child in elvan years, my father announced a tournament. Invited warriors from other settlements. The winner, would receive his daughter’s hand and a treaty of trade and comradery, as well as a beautiful spelled mastercraft dagger said to absorb power from whatever life it takes. I was furious.
The night before the tournament, I took blades to my hair, cutting it short like the boys, bound my chest flat under the armor I had liberated from my fathers supplies and fashioned a cowl to hide my face out of scrap leather lying about. I entered the tournament and won. It was almost too easy. Their warriors were slow and dim witted like dulled blades in need of reforging before they could be useful again. I took the prize dagger from my father’s hands when it was offered, after removing my cowl and even at that range wasn’t recognized. He cared so little for me he didn’t even know me as I stood before him. I have no idea what settlement he made treaty with, if any because during the celebration feast that night I slipped away, ready to be free of the lot of them.
A year later, after wandering and exploring, learning common speak and orcish, hunting or stealing to survive, I joined a caravan of traders. Why is another tale, but I took my new name, not wanting anything reminiscent of my beginnings, and stayed with them twenty years or so before moving on to join a performing troupe doing odd things. Shows displaying my abilities with blades and bows or simple tricks that fools mistake for magic that are no more than being quick, clever and skillful.
After twenty years of that, I met a man and did what all foolish girls do. I fell in love. We traveled and lived together for nearly fifty years, amassing gold and treasure with a small band of " loyal" friends. He was brilliant with strategy, but useless with a blade so I trained each of our companions myself. I awoke one morning to find myself alone at our campsite with my personal pack, a handful of coins and a letter explaining that he was in love with my best student. The treasure, the man, the traitorous wench and my so called friends all gone.
I took the gold, my pack and myself to the main city and found passage to this land. For the last two years or so I’ve been travelling on my own. Taking what I need, or anything that catches my eye that will fetch a good price and making my way through the world.

Hunny B. Adger

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